It's spawning season again. Time to get out there and build your bubble nests. Take a gulp of air from the surface, then fill every nest with ten bubbles to advance to the next level. Avoid the Gobbler fish and the fishermen's hooks.

Are you a cool enough fish to complete all six levels?

Controls - W,A,S,D to move and L to release a bubble.

This game was made with Gdevelop in a couple of days for weekly game jam 93 - 'Fishing'. I used a Commodore 64 color palette, and LMMS for the music. It's only been tested in Firefox ESR.


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Fun stuff. Like the concept and level design. The fish does seem to "stick" on the walls, which makes the controls feel a little funky and makes it much, much harder.

Nice!  Loving the C64 palette, brings back memories.

TY really cool real fun