Jonathan Harrow finds himself caught in a radioactive nightmare, help him get out before it's too late. Press Z to start, X to jump and arrow keys to move, Z to fire your blaster.


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Thanks for playing!

Neat game! As said by Thoof, it is X to jump and Z to shoot, so I think it would be handy to switch those in the description. Great job in this game jam!

Fun little game. The controls in the description appear to be flipped around -- I was using X to jump and Z to shoot. I only made it through 7 rooms, but there were a couple things I had issues with. First thing is that the jump sound is really loud, like double the volume of the blaster at least, and it really grates on you after a while. The other issue is that in the second room, if you fall into the spike pit you basically have to wait until your hearts run out because there's no way out.

Thanks for the feedback. I will fix the volume on jump. The spikes pit is intentional, you are supposed to feel doomed right there.