You really are the worst chef in the world. Do you even know how to hold an egg?

Arrow keys to move, Z to hold an ingredient. Spare ingredients can be stored in the ingredients bar.

Get 100 on your time left, or bake a chocolate cake to win.


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As everyone who posts, and probably everyone else too, is having trouble with the french toast recipe, I'll put it at the bottom of this comment.

First, though, I'd like to say that The Chef That Couldn't Cook II is currently in development, which will add a few new things to the game, such as chocolate milk, brownies, and a more intuitive recipe for french toast! Also, some of the existing recipes will be changed, normally so that they make more sense. The difficulty system will also be improved.

And now, as promised, here is the current recipe for french toast:

  1. Cook dough into bread
  2. Cook an egg into a fried egg
  3. Combine the bread and the fried egg into an egg sandwich
  4. Combine the egg sandwich and sugar into french toast

I like the concept a lot, and I enjoyed the things you could discover just by experimentation - it made for a fun little puzzle.

How do you do french toast? I got stuck on that one and it seems like there was either a combination I was missing or something else I neglected to do. I got stuck at that point unfortunately but I did really enjoy everything up to that!

This was really interesting, really liked the crafting system you had going on. Doing it on just easy difficulty was pretty hard though, didn't manage to beat it.

The music got super repetitive, eventually had to toggle it off. I think if the loop was longer it'd be alright.

When it came to doing the "chocolate milkshake" I got stuck for a while because I had a "milkshake" and I was trying to combine it with the chocolate. Took me a while to realize that you had to make chocolate ice cream first.

Couldn't figure out the french toast. Tried a bunch of stuff involving egg milk and bread.